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Make label persistent


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Hello everyone!

I've tried to search the forum and came to some nice feature request about hiding persistent torrent. But that's not a subject of this..

The idea that came to me is about user custom labels and persistent labels option that utorrent has in advanced ui options.

I'm using utorrent to download from many trackers and I like to group them by labels by the name of tracker sites and folders. This is very easy to manage your dls. But when you move your last torrent from custom label to other label (for ex. to "finished") and it becomes empty, the label dissapears because it is not persistent. And the other time you add torrent from that tracker site you'll have to type it again.

So, to make these labels persistent I should type their names in corresponding option in utorrent, but that's time consuming.

The idea is to remove "Persistent labels" from the advanced options menu and implement that feature as an option to custom label. So when you create a custom label for the torrent and want to make it persistent - you right-click on that label and tick "Persistent" mark. That's simple.


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