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numric fields in localised vista version is wrongly aligned


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i told utorrent to give me the UI in english, which works amazing

this is just a small bug that you have that all fields in the options menu

which display numeric values only (like upload, port number etc) are still using

a right to left order, which is incosistent, as you do(!) manage to display file locations

and such in a left to right order

ok, have fun (and you still didn't fix the tooltip bug i reported in the past which also wrongly displayed in RTL order)

and the statistics.........

anyways, love this client!

i use 1.8.2

i use hebrew vista32SP1, this means the UI of vista is in hebrew, but i always like all my programs to display in english

i am quite sure this will happen with XP as well, and also with arabic versions

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