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PC locks up the instant a torrent finishes..


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Had been using 1.8.1 till today. Under it.. and only occasionally.. as soon as a torrent would finish up and the pop-up balloon in the task tray notified me. I'd try to move my mouse to it to click on the "X" but my entire PC would freeze up (mouse movement, NO ctrl-alt-del, all network activity stops, etc.). Mind you.. this ONLY happened once and a while.. of course.. the only fix was the reset button and upon entering back into the OS.. the files HAD been moved to another location on the HD (with 100's of GB free.. so it's not a space issue).

So today.. I finally decided to break down and update to v 1.8.2 in hopes that this would cure the occasional "annoyance". Only problem was.. things got worse. Now.. whenever I tried to "STOP" a torrent (by hitting the appropriate toolbar button) the mouse would freeze up as soon as I hit it, hovering over it.. same thing.. total PC lock-up. After about 5 reboots and subsequent attempts at stopping a torrent.. it was repeatable every time (causing my tracker to think I had 5 torrents going as well). Tried other torrents.. same result.

This happens whether I have other apps open or not (Firefox, games, Nero, etc.). So I installed 1.8.1 back and the "freeze on stop" problem instantly vanished. I haven't had a "freeze on completion" glitch yet.. but probably just a matter of time.

Any ideas?

Running WXP Home w/SP3 and using Live OneCare as my firewall.. yes.. µtorrent is added as an exception.

Thanks for your time & attention.

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