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First a TrackerError 011, now nothing.


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I love uTorrent. However, I'm having fits with one torrent. It starts off with a blazing 500-600kps (for about one minute), then I got this "Failure:error 011" maxium (sic) # of 3 slots already in use", and then the whole thing stops, leaving my dsl modem snagged and blinking away, unwilling to do anything. I have to reboot the modem, and sometimes the entire cpu to get back on the net.

I don't need (but love) such speed, but obviously it's no fun to have my connection destroyed.

What should I do? The only thing about slot numbers seems to be in the number of upload slots, and I changed that to 8.

I no longer get an error message of any sort, just this same behavior--fast speed, and then drops to zero and crasp up the modem until reboot. No amount of restarting or force starting gets a response.

I've got a dsl 3mps f/l connection. I think it's about 512kps upload. I've ALWAYS had a NAT error no matter what, but it never seemed to matter before thos one torrent.

Thank you.



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Thank you for your help.

I only have (and always have had) just that one torrent active. Also, I stopped getting that error message when I bumped the number of upload slots, however the same behavior is occuring.

The NAT error is always there, but hasn't seemed to have made much difference in the past. I think I need to forward my port, but I can't find instructions at http://www.portforward.com for my Sprint modem in the guide that utorrent sends me to, nor anywhere else. arghh.. When I do the test, it says my port doesn't appear to be forwarding. Not sure if that's a separate issue or not. It doesn't seem to have mattered in the past.

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