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Ports refuse to be forwarded.


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Hello, and thanks for coming in here to show some support. Anyways, I recently had major switches done to my television broadcasting, phone services, and of course, the internet. I switched to ATT's uverse and I find myself unable to successfully port forward, regardless of what is done. Anyways, my router/modem model number is - 3800HGV-B

Here are some pictures. As is implied in the pictures, the computer that I am trying to port forward is FAMILY-COMPUTER. They illustrate my settings as well as the port im trying to connect to on.

Here is the general list of connections


Here is the computer hosting the bittorrent port forward


Here is the bittorrent portforward itself


Here is the port in uTorrent, as well as the service saying that it is not open...


Oddly, on my other router (Also an ATT one, it was the 2700 HGB) I was able to do the port forward by completing the steps I had done here, as far as I remember at least.

I dont know why, but I also get the red arrows on every torrent... The tracker says - Hostname error

Other notes - I will try to provide any information asked for, as soon as I possibly can. I have also tried to host the port on all the other services, but to no help....

EDIT - Forgot the slash in the last img tag.

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Yeah I know, I was experimenting with different ones, as I thought it may have helped. Anyways, I restarted my computer and it is now accepting connections, which is a blessing. Anyways, thank you for your response even if it didnt help, because it shows active support in the community which is always good!

Anyways, my intended upload speed was 1 Mbs which is only slightly lower than my actual upload speed, so its good. Again, thank you!

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you can get to those settings by entering your routers internet address in to a browsers address bar as if it was a web address. Do Not add the www or the http. Just the numbers and dots. The address is on the 2wire router. I put a shortcut on the desktop for it since I have been there way too often. I thing the password is on there too. On mine the user name remains blank. I have the same problem gunfreak had and hope to find out what he did to fix it!


Are you saying that you are now connectable using the 2wire router? I have not yet been able to connect.

Edit I am connectible now. At some point either me or PFConfig created alter-egos or extra computers in the router that did not show on some screens.. One had the wrong IP addy and the router defaulted to it. I changed it, now happy!!!

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