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weird file that cannot be deleted


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earlier in this past weak i downloaded a torrent from my favorite artist(taping allowed), anyway, the file was, i guess corrupted or something, so i downloaded it to my other external HDD, then when it was done, i copy & pasted it to my main external HDD, and set the download path, the torrent works just fine, no problems at all, but this "bad folder" it has a bunch of files and folder in it, with a bunch of squares,triangles, and other shapes and so forth and says it cannot be deleted because it says the filename,directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect? this file is taking up 35gb on my external HDD. what do i do to solve this problem, i do not know if it is a trojan or what, i have scanned it and so forth, but nothing gets picked up, someone please help. i can close utorrent and it will go away and sometimes it won't, it will do the same if utorrent is running as well, has anyone else had this problem, it is bugging the crap out of me, i apologize if this is the wrong thread.

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