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I Feel such a Newbie Help what is causing this issue.?


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Hi guys/Gals Wow i havent been on this forum for over two years & boy o boy has it got better!!

ITs nice to see "DreadWingKnight" is still around "Hello" you must be a legend around here now.?

Anyway ive just formatted my pc & installed Poweriso & winrar Then Utorrents latest version "1.8.2" & i cant seem to get to grips with it.?

when i try to open the file the grey splashscreen should say "Run/Save/Cancel" but it doesnt it says "Find/Save".? & when i d/l a file it didnt transfer correctly on my son's NDS.?

i never had this on the old version & i belive ive got the correct tools too open it, Any ideas.??


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