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Unable to download large torrents (not speed issue)


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Well, my problem isn't specific to uTorrent, it seems to happen with any P2P software I use - tried a few others, but I want to use uTorrent so would like some help from you guys.

My problem is, I am unable to download large torrents (>1gb). My download and upload speeds are absolutely fine for my connection (~250kb/sec download which is max for my connection), but if I try to download a torrent bigger than roughly 1gb, after about 1 1/2 hours my computer's network abilities seem to just completely lockup - can't connect to the router, can't browse the internet, and can't download or upload anything on p2p greater than 0.1 kb/sec.

At first I thought it was a problem with my router (linksys wrt54g, but updated all the firmware etc and sorted that, and problem persisted. To double check it wasn't my router, I connected my computer directly to the modem, and I still had the problem, meaning it's not the router.

The thing that's confusing me, is that if i download a file less than 1gb in size, it seems to work perfectly fine - no lockup, file downloads 100%, computer works fine afterward.

It's not a memory/cpu problem - my computer doesn't lockup, just my network abilities - utorrent uses about 120mb ram, 2%cpu load.

I've looked for days for some help on the net, but seems I'm the only one with this problem :S

few extras:

using uTorrent 1.8.2 (latest)

using XP sp2 (with patched tcpip.sys to 50 connections) - also didn't work pre-patched file

~50gb free space (that doesn't "disappear" during downloads

linksys wrt54g router (tomato firmware, but tried dd-wrt and hyperWRT - none fixed problem)

virgin media 2mb broadband

ports are forwarded properly, and firewalls are allowing utorrent through (uninstalling the firewall made no difference too).

previously downloaded files ~10gb direct download (not p2p) without problems.

I don't get any error messages at all, which I find odd.

Can anyone offer some help on how to fix this problem?

edit: I'm using wired connection to the router, not wireless.

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since writing the 1st post, whatever the problem was, seems to have been fixed (hopefully):

Been downloading for 2h 15h mins, same 3.8gb file as previously tried, downloaded 1.1gb of it so far (would previously cut out at around 1h, or 150mb downloaded).

Things I changed:

updated the nForce network drivers as the others were 3 years old - this also removed the nVidia firewall software that was running (also I tried to disable this previously, with no effect), and I also changed the drivers to optomise for network throughput, rather than CPU as was optimised before.

I also disabled IP address resolving.

So it seems the problem was with one of the above.

If (hopefully it will) the file finishes the download, I'll know the problem is fixed, and I'll experiement with changing back some of the above, to pinpoint the problem, just in case others have a similar problem.

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