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Linksys WAG160N: problem with forwarding port


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I have incredibly slow speed and that yellow triangle at the bottom of my µTorrent-screen.

When I test if a port is forwarded correctly, I receive this message:

Checking port 14336 on

An error has occurred!

Port 14336 does not appear to be open

These are my Linksys WAG160N gateway settings:

App: µTorrent

External port: 14336

Internal port: 14336

Protocol: TCP

IP: same IP-address as seen with ipconfig /all

What am I doing wrong?

Are there any other settings that may cause this?

E.g. UPnP (should this be off or on), etc,...

Or should I use the gateway-IP-address which has .1 at the end instead of .100 which is mentioned by ipconfig /all?

(I have already changed this but it does not make any difference)

That from the error message above cannot be submitted in the fields from the gateway settings, it must be the first part of my computers IP-address but I do not know what at the end of it or how I can find out.

There is only one computer attached to the gateway and I use XP.


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