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Status icon keep changing and Internet disconned after few hours using


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Hi, I am a new member

I having two problems with Utorrent now:


---The status of my utorrent (v 1.82) keep changing ( some time green, sometime yellow)---> a

If, I tried to forwarding manually 1 single port but the status would turn yellow and then red

I can only make it become green by choosing enable UPnP and NAT-PMP but the problem "a" happen

However, I still can download and upload normally in both status ( green and yellow) with similar speed.

2/ My internet is disconnected after I use Utorrent for few hours but if I turn off my modem power for 10s and reopen, everything will work normally again.

I am using ---- DLink- DSL-G604T wireless ADSL modem router

---- window Vista Home Premium

Utorrent setting:

:--- Connection: Enable UPnP, NAt-PMP, random port, add window firewall exception

----Bandwidth: Global max connection ( 190)

Max connection peer per torrent (190), 4 upload slots per torrent

----Bitorrent: enable every box except: --limit local peer bandwidth

and -- Protocol Encryption

----Queuing: Max active torrent and download ( 8)

Seed while (ratio is <= 150% )

--I used to use a wire modem from Dlink and manually forwarding port. It worked fine (always got green status) for the past 5 years. After I change my modem to wireless, have those problems above.

--I am not very mind about the changing of status icons ( Utorrent still download/upload normally anyway). But, It 's pretty annoying to have my internet disconnected after each few hours.

--I searched the forum and found some people have either one of my problem but not both, so I confuse for a solution .

Sorry If I asked anything silly but I am not so good with I.T and I really like Utorrent so I need a solution to continue using this fantastic bitorrent client.

Thanks you in advance

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Wireless is often more unstable...and anything that makes lots of connections can trip it.

Many can't handle over 100 connections.

DHT and Resolve IPs are probably very hard on it.

I didn't catch what upload speed you were using or how fast your line is.

Each active torrent needs to get at least 1 KB/sec upload speed for EVERY upload slot they have.

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My upload speed is: 14.74KB/s to 17.03KB/s

My download speed is: 13.56KB/s in the morning and 352.6KB/s at night

I didn't understand what you said:

'Each active torrent needs to get at least 1 KB/sec upload speed for EVERY upload slot they have"

And how can I fix that ? how many upload slot per torrent should I set up ?

I did some research in the web and they said reduce the number of connection to 60 or 80 will resolve the problem, but what connection? global or connection peer per torrent ?

If I reduce the number connection to low, will it affect my download speed ? ( my upload speed mostly constant every time)


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You should have it set at 60-80 connections per torrent at the very least, possible even lower than that per torrent with 60-80 max for everything. You can follow the guide linked in Switeck's signature, the 2nd one. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

Your upload maximum is probably around 160-192kbps, so use one of those in the guide. If you know what your ISP is actually providing (the theoretical maximum you're paying for), use those numbers instead.

Setting the number of connections too low will result in slow speed. But setting them too high will also result in slow speed. Setting them too high also results in frequent disconnects. You're trying to find that balance where you have as many useful connections as possible without overdoing it, and that speed guide in Switeck's sig is pretty accurate for most people.

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Following my speed guide will give values which never go slower on the upload than around 2 KB/sec per upload slot.

Basically, with 14-17 KB/sec max upload speed, this would mean there's no reason to ever have more than 14-17 torrents active at once even if each only is allowed 1 upload slot.

Torrents run MUCH better if they can have 2-4 upload slots and each upload slot gets 3-10 KB/sec, so that means running as little as 1 torrent with 2-4 upload slots (2-4 total upload slots) or 2 torrents with 3 upload slots each (6 total upload slots). Basically if you really HAVE to start more torrents, lower upload slots so each upload slot can get some speed.

Active torrents and Downloading torrents limits in Queueing can be set to the same number -- it just means you may not have any seeding torrents while still downloading.

Your line is a little low for the 192 kilobits/sec upload settings, but you may be ok with 2 active or downloading torrents at once. Peers will be reluctant to upload back to you if you're not giving them much, but it's better than 1 download going really slow while the rest are queued up doing nothing.

Lots of connections per torrent or globally does not guarantee speeds. Even 10 connections per torrent still offers a fair chance to find a couple decent peers/seeds that give >10 KB/sec to you each. 100+ connections cannot be "searched" instantly and even once connected may be unreliable. It costs bandwidth to KEEP them connected even if they send/receive no parts of the torrent file.

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