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Linksys speed problems


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I have installed a few hours ago uTorrent and have been trying to download some torrents ; the problem is that I face some speed issues...

I have a Linksys WRT54GL router ; after installing utorrent (on a mac osx) , I forwarded the port to the router. It all seemed to work,since the download speed at first was very high ( round 400 kb/s) but then,after a few minutes, it began to slow down and finally reached 0. I restarted uTorrent and then happened the same ; at first very high speed rate,then decreased until 0.

I have already read Firon's "Sticky post" , telling users to install the DD-WRT firmware ,but I also noticed that that post is from 2005. Is it still actual or has Linksys already fixed the "problem"? I mean,are my problems due to not having the DD-WRT firmware? I´m not extremely keen on installing it,since I read that a mistake in the installation can "brickt" my router.

Thanks beforehand.


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The Linksys official firmware for the older WRT54G(S) models and the WRT54GL suffers from a multitude of problems that are solved by using 3rd party firmwares.

Linksys has NOT fixed these issues in their firmwares for these models.

The WRT54GL is almost impossible to actually permanently brick due to a bad firmware update, so you don't need to worry about that.

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In almost all How-to and Wiki pages which I am currently reading they warn of the "bricking" possibility.

Is there any way of installing other firmware ,which doesn´t imply flashing? Sth easier?

I ask because I am absolutely no expert in routers, and less in flashing,etc. (actually i learnt a few hours ago what flashing means).

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