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Just downloaded latest release...


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I purchased a Macbook Air the other day with the latest version of OS X.

I downloaded uTorrent a few minutes ago.

I added a .torrent file to my list.

No connections either way. Nothing is downloading. I am behind a Linksys Router.

uTorrent works fine on my Windows Vista PC hooked up to the same router.

My solution? I downgraded to a previous release.

I replaced the .app file, didn't change anything else, and my .torrent started downloading properly.

Take that as you will. I'm out.

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i am on a mac book pro and behind a linksys router try turning on DMZ routing the only problem is that it is kinda insecure and you have to keep reseting what your IP address is on the router if you are running DHCP(which you probably are) you can try port routing that should help with the connections but if your like me and you can get 10 min of good downloading then Utorret starts feeding you BS like 0 up and 0 down speeds or totaly arbitrary speeds like 2000kbs dl with infinite time left on all your downloads then i dunno what to do i just make sure to watch it my self and just reset it every 10 -15 min and that helps

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I just upgraded to the newest after having no problems with the pre .9.1.1 release. Have forwarded ports, cleaned settings/config and still only occasionally get the green indicator; majority is spent in yellow or red.

@IGGY: I think the best point is that you should not have to backdoor or otherwise alter your network to get a new patch to officially work'; let alone having to go into DMZ to do so.

i agree that broken release is broken

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