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The two last torrents i downloaded got stuck at 99.9%, both torrents were splited in many .rar files and only one file wouldnt finish to download and stuck at around 86%

I have tried to delete and redownload the file but it got stuck again

The first torrent wasted 11.9mb (44 hashfails)

The second wasted 214.6mb(95 hashfails)

most of the hashfails happened to the same piece.

I used version 1.4.1 beta 404 and 406

Any ideias? :( This had never happaned before, i didnt change any setting on my router cept some port forwarding

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hey, i m having the same problem, except for hash fails..

first day, downloaded around 30kb/s but not continued..

its been 8 days my pc and modem not turned off, and download stuck at 99.7% which is around 796.7megs out of 800.2 mb of video, howeveer did 2,3gigs upload..

i've 512/128 dsl (using utorrent and there is "no" hash fails..

also "no downloads" for 3days.

i read the faqs, but cant solve this. sometimes says NAT error, i changed the port, even i closed avast and zonealarm, got no response.. the speed chart is the same chart with a dead persons' cardiogram ..

(btw. when i randomized the port, it signed <UPnP OK ####> then started "uploading" only)

am i doing a "mistake" or sth.else that i really dont know?

"waiting since wednesday, only 2,5mb to finish line..."

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As they're .rar files, if they're part of a popular release and you're familiar with IRC you may be able to get the incomplete .rars from #incomplete on efnet.

There's usually an .sfv file in these releases too. If you run QuickSFV or Quickpar with the .sfv file to check which files are complete and which are missing/incomplete it'll point you in the right direction.

Wonder if that helps?

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