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Does BitLord do same (bad) things as BitComet


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BitLord IS BitComet, so yes

But if BitLord is only one version "0101" - then is it necessarily the same as 0.59/0.60/0.61 BitComet which produces the problems?

In other words, I've been led to believe that it is only in the latest few versions of BitComet that the bad behavior occurs.

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So, what might I say to people who run private trackers to convince them that they also need to ban BitLord as well as BitComet ?

In most cases, it was the DHT leak that prompted them to ban BitComet in the first place - the other issues may be harder to "sell"...

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reporting haves means nothing, you know that right? they do absolutely nothing :/

It's a bandwidth saving feature to not send HAVEs back to the peer/seed that sent you a piece, and the BT spec itself tells you that relying on haves is a bad idea.

Not reporting = OK

Lying about haves and bitfield = not OK

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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