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Question about Completed Torrents. Not completed?


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I have set up my uTorrent client to move completed torrents to a new directory automatically.

It seems they disappear from the list of torrents being up/downloaded in uTorrent. That's great.

However, if I try to MOVE the downloaded content to a new directory uTorrent complains that it can't find the files any more and while I try to move them I get errors in Windows Explorer that the file is currently in use.

Does it move to the Completed folder but keep uploading but removes it from the Queue list? Is it not really finished?

EDIT: Since I can't reply to my own post *sigh* Will update here...

PS: Double post means posting the same thing twice, not replying to your own post.


Never mind. I figured it. They move to the COMPLETED queue and keep seeding.

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The "countdown clock" after a torrent finishes downloading is the approximate time it takes to seed back however much uTorrent is set to, typically 150% by default. However even after it reaches that point the torrent won't stop on its own...unless you've given it seeding goals to stop then.

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