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How to change the one im downloading from?


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Hi I just wonder if there is a way to stop downloading from a certain seeder/leacher.

The reason is this:

I started downloading a really small file from a torrent, its only a few kb big.

Then when it starts utorrent tries to download it from one of the seeders(I asume), BUT that seeder is realllllllly slow, so it takes me more than 10 minutes to download that single 50kb size pdf.

Is there a way to, say, rightclick on that download in the "Files" tab (in the "Detailed Info"-part) and then press something like "dont download from this user for the next 5 minutes"?

Ofc I know there isnt such a option in utorrent, I was just wondering if there is a simillar way to achieve this resault.

question in one sentence: Can i temporary stop download from one seeder and download form another instead?

Edit: I tried to search for the answer but since I cant figure out any other search terms than "change" and "seed" I got quite a lot resaults that didnt help me.

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Yes. Add this peer into ipfilter.dat (save this file in folder %appdata%\utorrent) and enable in Peer tab (right click).

Anyway if the torrent is unpopular (or old) with few peers, the risk is to block the only connectable seeder, even if it is seeding slowly. It's clearly not a good choice to ban slow seeders/peers.

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Do you have any tips on how I find out which peer im downloading from? because in the tab "Peer" I cant see anyone who has anything in "up speed", that is probably because its such a small file.

To try to clearify, I have a few people in "peers", but none of them shows anything that gives me an idea I am downloading from them. Still, I AM downloading from someone of them (at a really slow speed).

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