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Suddenly Can't Download Anything - Please Help!


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I really don't know much about computers as you will see. I don't know if I accidently changed a setting or what, but two things are happening:

(1) When I download a torrent uTorrent doesn't open automatically, nor do I see an option to make it happen.

(2) Once I click on the downloaded torrent and uTorrent opens it starts to download but then I get the following message under Status:

Error: The Filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect."

I notice my torrents are going to my desktop where they have never gone before... are they supposed to go somewhere else? I looked through the FAQ's and other troubleshooting thread but I didn't see anything that matched my issue (or at least not that I understood).

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Vuze is using that same folder, and it works fine. It's also a folder that's networked and shared. But under properties, it only shows read only. Yet I can delete, edit, and transfer files from and to them both.

However, full control is set for all folders, and it doesn't explain why I still can't download rss feeds. They're just blank, and again in vuze, they show up perfectly, so they're not broken.

UPDATE: Just completely removed and uninstalled all data and ran ccleaner. Then reinstalled, and there is no issue... not sure why there was before tho.

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