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Failure;unrecognized host. please go to ZZZ.com and sign-on or login


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And first of all, a big "thank you" to those who help us to learn ho to use this sophisticated (for me) tool.

I would like to know what to do if a torrent (which is identified as "active and healthy in the torrentmatrix list) suddenly says (on the "general" display page) "Failure: unrecognized host (+an IP address). please go to http://torrentmatrix.com.com and sign-on or login.

I have tried to do so, but although i'm automatically recognized (cookies) as logged in by the site, still it doesn't change anything, this message stays displayed. Also, I see that ther is only one peer, downloading on ly intermittently, and very slowly (0.1 kb) - but a messages line says "got 18 peer(s)"...

I am puzzled.

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