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output directory manipulation via labels


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You can use slashes in labels. Pairing "Move completed downloads to:," with "append the torrent's label" enables me to have a simple and unified directory structure for the PS3. Now I can use labels like "movies\comedy" and "tv\sports\skateboarding" and uTorrent will create that structure, enabling me to use a root directory (\media or whatever) to have everything dumped in there.

Hopefully there won't be too much cruft like I've gotten in the past from copying/moving things around manually. It's helped me quite a bit to cut down on the amount of file duplication between uTorrent and my shared directories, since moving files sometimes puts the file back to 99% and other quirks of uT.

I'm just throwing this up here because I'm having trouble finding any reference to this in search or Google, so either I'm super lame or not a lot of people are doing this.

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