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Please add option "diskio.coalesce_read_size" or similar


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The diskcache works fine for writing but lacks adjustability for reading imho. Utorrent reading 128kB chunks of data to fill the readcache reduces the amount of diskaccess needed to upload by ~75%. Since i have loads of unused RAM (approx 2 Gig idle most of the time) i would be very thankful for an option to increase this to a (much!) greater value to further reduce diskaccess.

With proper settings i got my readaccess reduced by ~99% because most of my torrents have 2 or 4 MB Piecesize. After some days of seeding i accumulate millions (literally) of diskreads which only get ~75% reduced and this makes me a sad panda =(

I love utorrent and sincerely hope someone can help me in this matter.

PS: I have a raid5 with 3 disks having 32mb cache each, so i figure utorrent reading a whole piece at once won't be a problem ^^



bump with recent screenshot. I'm currently seeding 21 torrents with 2 or 4 MB Piecesize. If i could tell utorrent to read a whole Piece at once to the cache i would be very happy =)

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