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Memory leak


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Firstly, I think uTorrent is one neat little program! I have been using it for a few hours and so far I really like it. I have, however, noticed very strange memory behaviour in Windows when uTorrent is running. The amount of available physical memory (as seen in Task Manager) will gradually decrease while uTorrent is running; I can actually see it counting down, like some a timer on a bomb in bad movies. ;)

When I close uTorrent, the amount of free memory goes right back up to ~640MB (and stays there) - but after a few hours of running uTorrent, my available memory was down to about ~350MB. This can't be right, can it? I'm not talking about the memory usage of the utorrent.exe process - that is indeed very low, however, somehow this program is wasting my free memory.

I am, by the way, running Windows XP SP2 on a computer with 1GB of RAM. Note that I am aware of how Windows' memory management works, I know that it will free up memory when it is needed - just pointing out this weird behaviour of this otherwise great little program :)

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