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Hi all,

Note: I apologies, i seem to have misplaced my question in the wrong forum. I have been looking for this for the past 2 days, it seems I have accidently sent this question in the UI forum instead..

I'm a newly converted utorrent client user and I have to say, this is easily the best Client out there, aside for a few minor bugs, I have had great experience with its simple, and most importantly .. Lite UI!

However I have come across one issue, which i hope someone will be able to help me with. Recently, I have installed a copy of Adobe CS4 Suite and with it came the highly annoying Opera (there is no option to install cs4 without it). The problem with Opera is that it automatically assumes that it will open up torrent files instead of uTorrent.

I went about into disabling its Torrent function and changed the 'open with' in the 'Get Info' to re-associate all files with uTorrent Client. This solved 90% my issue, however I have been left with a Generic File Icon with all current and future torrent files. I was hoping since i changed the 'open with' in 'get info' that all .torrent files will automatically display the uTorrent icon.

My question, is there a way to change all of my .torrent files icons back to the default uTorrent Icon? I'm rather new with Mac OS X and i'll do my best to follow every step!

Kind Regards


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