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Looking for some assistance in maximizing the effiiency and download


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I'm looking for some assistance how to better configure my settings and maximize the efficiency.

I tried reading the guides but to be honest I didn't understand a thing.

I would appreciate any assitance which would make it work faster :)


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Hi, i'm not sure why you are responding this way.. I'm only looking to understand what in my setting is not working correctly as I used to be able to get quicker speeds.

As mentioned also in the guides I tried reading them but I don't really understand those things, that's why I've asked for help.

Not looking to screw anyone...

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Know what you have?

How fast is your line?

If it's extremely fast, even your storage drives can be a bottleneck!

What's the quality of your networking software and hardware?

Many software firewalls are terrible!

Trying to upload at "unlimited" speed or faster than your line can sustain actually gets less KB/sec out to others.

1st and 2nd links in my signature are troubleshooting and speed guide.

I presume you need them both...especially the slow speed guide part of troubleshooting.

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