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move multipart files as completed


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I'm suggesting a feature similar to the already implemented "Move completed downloads to" basically if you're downloading a torrent with more than one file as soon as an individual file completes, say an nfo or jpeg preview, that individual file is moved to to completed downloads directory. For example:

Temp directory set as c:\utorrent_incoming

completed torrents directory set as c:\utorrent_finished

I start downloading a torrent called foo.torrent containing files bar1.rar bar2. jpg and bar3.txt

They all start downloading to c:\utorrent_incoming\foo

currently they all remain in c:\utorrent_incoming\foo untill they are all completed

If my feature was implemented as soon as bar3.txt finishes it is moved from c:\utorrent_incoming\foo\bar3.txt to c:\utorrent_finished\foo\bar3.txt

a further extension of this would be to select either a move of copy operation, this would allow a torrent to be sent to a network share file by file saving the client from a large disk operation once a large torrent completes.

This would be useful for those running utorrent on a remote machine as they could see instantly what file have completed by opening up a shared folder and wouldn't have to resort to refering back and forth to the webui or a remote desktop.

I'm sure i've missed something so comments are welcome, thanks

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