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Error Problem: This Device is Not ready. . . Help?


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When a new item i am trying to download appears in my tray it first starts to download and after about a minute it stops.

Then an Error appears in the STATUS column which states "error: The device is not ready"

I have downloaded the latest version.

I havn't messed with any of the Perferences.

And utorrent was working fine till just reccently.

Please help.

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When it did work the files would go there. But now when i start a new download it doesn't appear to be anywhere

The file never really gets to start downloading from what I'm getting. It looks like its going too but then the error message appears. And the one time it did work I did a (force) start and the file finished. I've kept trying to do it again but not all i get is ERROR: The device is not ready.

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