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Utorrent makes every red down arrows, then won't shut down.

Assassin X

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Ok searched around, read the FAQ but it doesn't seem to be the answer to what I am having. This is my second topic here in like 3 years I believe so I pardon my stupidness lol:

-- ISP:


-- Connection speed:

Um. Not sure. I know I've seen it get up to like 300kbs before.

-- Router make and model, firmware version if you can find it

Its a 2Wire.

-- TCP/IP patch - yes/no, if yes, patched to how many half-open

I have no idea what that is.

-- Software firewalls, if any - these cause plenty of problems

I don't think I have any turned on. I know the one that came with SBC allows access to UTorrent, I put in all the data.

-- Antivirus software

Spyware Doctor, NAV (yes I know it sucks)

-- µTorrent settings

Um. Which ones?

So heres my problem. The programs run fine for years. Occasionally I will download a new version every so often. I was using 1.61 or was it 1.6.1. Well whatever. I downloaded the new one and still am having the same issue. Basically I am downloading, am I allowed to say? Well I won't to be safe. But its stuff I download all the time. And for awhile it would after about 16 hours turn all the downloads to "red down arrows" and then when I would exit the program even though it was closed it would still show it in the task manager and I would be forced to restart my pc in order to close it for good and also continue to download without those stupid red arrows.

Now. Suddenly in the past 3 days. It doesn't even last a few minutes and everything turns to the red down arrows. I still close it down and it still sits in the task manager anyways.

Whats wrong? I know its not a virus, trojan...etc. I am nerdy about keeping a well oiled system. The only thing I never got is networking which I admittedly suck at at times. But from everything I always read everything appears to be set up right since its been running fine for years every time I download a new version. Mind you the problem carried over even with the new version.

BTW if its my ISP messing with me is there any way to find out?

Could it maybe be non program related? A memory leak or windows problem?

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wow.....ok, feel free to paint "noob" on my forehead and push me off a cliff. I don't know what changed but after I restarted my pc, which I did before to. I this time just reinstalled Utorrent over itself and now it works fine. It kept the settings and everything from before. lol. Thats just totally random that it fixed itself by doing that. If it for some reason does it again I'll check out what you said and post again. But it seems to be working fine now.

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