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Tracker Update Slow - ubuntu Hardy 8.04 & Wine 1.1.18


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Hi everyone, been searching the forums & can't seem to find a solution to my problem

I am running utorrent 1.8.2 on a 100/100mbit unmetered Linux server running ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) under Wine 1.1.18.

It runs really well and I seem to get much faster speeds than native clients I tried.

However, on most occasions when loading new torrents there is an abnormally long delay (varies in duration) in the time it takes to update the tracker for the first time. It is not a problem with the tracker as I have friends using the same tracker with the same boxes that don't have this issue.

Sometimes by the time my client has updated & begins downloading my friends already have the file and are seeding.

Is there a known bug/fix that can address this? Any help gratefully received.

Thanks. :)

EDIT: Update: Since writing this post, I thought I'd give the new beta a try and it updates straight away with no delay. Any info on the problem still gratefully received though. Thanks.

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Switeck, yes that seems to be the actual only problem I was having, I had 100+ torrents sometimes 150+ seeding at any given time.

The same problem reappeared with the beta when the numbers increased again. So now I am keeping the numbers seeding less.

Is there anything else that would help to speed things up while updating the tracker while keeping more torrents alive?

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Unless you're on a very fast commercial fiber line...why run so many torrents at once?

Your upload may not be able to keep up with 1/10th that many were they actually active.

If you are using robust commercial-grade networking software and hardware, you can increase net.max_halfopen to maybe 20-100 in uTorrent's advanced settings.

However this will cause SEVERE PROBLEMS if your equipment is not top-of-the-line.

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