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Okay, I want to make my own tracker to share files to some friends and what not, now, which IP to I use for my tracker after I enabled it?

I have a DLink router, and can find out the IP of both from my ISP and my Computers IP on my network, so how do I do this?

I've tried myself but can't get it to work... it never connects, my friend can't download anything from me...

Anyone offer some suggestions or a guide?

Thanks in advance!

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It will not work... At least it's not working for me and the reason is this:

I set up the router's port forwardings, so the tracker is accessible from outside. Anyone can connect to the tracker... Even me, but since i'm connecting from inside the router, the tracker registers mi IP address:port as router_lan_IP:port, which is very strange, but still... so anyone else who tries to connect to my torrent client, tries to connect to a non-existent IP:port, since it is not on the intranet.

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