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change order of seeded torrents?


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hi everyone,

i just switched from vuze to µtorrent today, because for some reason vuze was choking my entire internet connection, no matter how much i limited its bandwidth. while this isn't my real reason for posting, if anyone has any ideas about this, i'd love to hear them!

µtorrent doesn't seem to choke the rest of my web applications near as badly, so it seems like i'll be using it from now on!

my real question is this: is it possible to reorder my seeded files in the queue? occasionally i go on big downloading binges, and like to sort the files that have finished downloading (by type of media, genre, etc) to make it easier when i want to find them later, which i can only do if i'm able to re-order downloaded torrents. if there's any way of doing this, please let me know.


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Under Queueing there a setting to give seeding torrents overall more or less priority than downloading torrents.

There's also a couple advanced settings... queue.something ones that control how torrent queues are handled.

Some but not all of uTorrent's column names can be clicked on to sort in alphabetical or numerical sequence. Clicking 2x makes it go in reverse order.

Since you mentioned problems web surfing while running Vuze and to a much lesser degree uTorrent...

You're possibly using settings way beyond what I recommend in my Speed Guide (2nd link in my signature)...but at least make sure your average upload slot speed is well over 1 KB/sec. No point while downloading for it to go over 10 KB/sec -- since almost no peers are willing to upload back to you at that speed. :(

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