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Want to build the world fastest seedbox service.


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Hi everyone, I have 2Gbit+ connection. And I want to build a deticate seedbox service.

I have to use Windows as I have no experence in *nix OS.

I was using BitCom*t, but after I switched to uTorrent the speed really alot faster.

So I decide to use uTorrent with Web UI.

I want my server can do this:

Multiple user ability

All connection settings only adjustable by the Admin.

No need to re-download if a torrent has already downloaded before by another user.

HD space quota.

able to set user expire date

support Multiple WAN port

users can change their own password

I know I'm asking too much but I can pay you if this project is sucessfully done.

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The Webui Shell can do all that except for a user expiration date.

Support for multiple WAN ports is complicated btw, you'd have to run multiple instances of µTorrent and use advanced settings to bind each of them to the IP of a different NIC. In the Webui Shell that means you have to split your userbase between the two instances of µtorrent.

Please note that this is not a forum to advertise work you need done in return for monetary compensation. This forum is for µTorrent enthusiasts. Just like with BitTorrent some people will give more and others take more but as long as you show some effort yourself and ask nicely we'll all get along :P

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It's really sad that I have all the requirement (bandwith + hardware) but just can't start due to lack of the right software.

Jobless for long time already and always wanted to make some money out of my 2G+ bandwith and computer.

If someone wanted to help me on this project please PM me.

BTW, are there any BT client on any OS support dual or even multiple WAN?

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