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there was an error computing the hash:5 ??


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i have come across this error mssg tryin to create a torrent file..im not sure what this is and i tried readig ALLL the forum ?'s but there is some 500+ files..uggg

how can i figure out what this error message means & fix it?

i have up'd files many times prior and love my u.t. (v.1.8.2. (build 14458))

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. ty : )

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It's a file permissions issue. Do you have the correct user credentials to be using the files you're trying to use?

im the administrator & have access to the file as well..tho im not entirely sure if i have answered you correctly so i appologize if i havent..

its a 'loader/crack' to a game and i have it installed on my pc as well..so i know its not a virus or what have you..but for w.e. reasons wont allow the creation of the torrent..

once i click create & save as button..i get that very message

'there was an error computing the hash: 5'

and ive tried several which im sure were useless things to do..but ive cleaned out my cache's/registrys that are useless..w.e. i could think of...im not completely pc ignorant..but just havent come across this issue in past.

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no it did not..i tried it on both my primary/slave hdd & an external usb hdd..even tried to wrar it and still no go..i ended up redownloading another version of the lil pc game..its just the loader/crack thats the specific issue.

i do appreciate all of your time you have given me. :D

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