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[toolbar] Comfort (boo style).


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I was a little bit impatient, so I did a toolbar of the comfort style before Determination did it :)

But the rss and search buttons could have been better I guess,

I remade them several times, but still they won't fit with the rest of the theme :P

Maybe Determination can think of something here :)




Click Here to Download

Preview - Operanized:



Click Here to Download (updated)

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XD Hah, and here I was doing the exact same thing. Well, actually it was going to be based on your version of the Comfort-status icons as opposed to Determination's, because I'm still running Win98. So I needed non-32bit BMPs. It's nice to see that some ideas, especially regarding the RSS button, are quite the same. But here's a little peek at what I've done with this theme:



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I updated my operanized version because I realized that I made a mistake.

The move up & down arrows was placed wrong :-P

@Haze: some comments on your toolbar (no offense. ;)):

I think your 3 first buttons doesn't fit with the theme.

The round edges on the RSS button isn't good because this

theme only has straight lines.

I chosed not to make the 'remove' icon orange because it's the color

of the error icon in the comfort tstatus.

I also chosed to not use the 'pause' icon from the comfort tstatus because

in a toolbar, that icon doesn't look so good.

Oh, I think the color red fits better on a stop icon then grey (atleast in a toolbar).

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I have to agree on all the comments you made on the used colours. It's the main trouble spot, as using other colours makes the toolbar look so harsh in comparison to the Comfort-status icons. Very troublesome and I'm not sure where to go with it. :(

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ya, colours are quite troublesome.

If 'remove' icon should be orange, then the 'stop' button needs to be orange to.

But the tstatus icon for error is orange and its also a cross,

which people would make a subconscious connection to the remove button if the both icons are orange.

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