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Power Outages and uTorrent.


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Something is seriously wrong with uTorrent when resuming a file that has been cut short while downloading...

1. this morning i set up a 1GB torrent.

2. I go out for the day, Come back 7 hours later to find it hardly got anywhere(190MB) because it didnt have enough decent trackers, went and got more trackers for hte torrent added them.

3. I go out for awhile longer, come back, notice the clock is blinking "12:04", Crap i think, the powers gone out and the UPS's Battery is stuffed.. start up machine, load utorrent up.. Bad news.. my 1GB torrent is not 95% complete.... uh oh..

take alook at this image and the info around it.. (circled some things)


Ok, So it thinks, EVEN AFTER CHECKING(And a forced recheck) that its got 95% of the file, what gives! the file on the hard drive is 1.3GB too now, i can assure you in 2hrs it couldn't've downloaded that much, and it DIDNT.

I Just got XP To compress that single rar file too, the size it came up with is.. well 1.44MB looks like the entire file is stuffed now.

This has happened to me in the past as well, ended up that i got the whole file, or utorrent thought so, but the thing was unwatchable(raw avi) due to the missing data which utorrent for some reason thought was there.

Oh, and a slight UI Bug, you'll notice some of the text is overlapping, i've got my fonts set at 110%(desktop properties settings(tab) -> advanced(button) -> General(tab) -> DPI -> 110%), its not a common thing among many, but for those with worse eyesight, or with huge monitors tend to change that, and, well, theres no reason for the lables in utorrent not to take into consideration the size..

I should add, that i also had torrents 2, and 3 runnning at the same time, and they seem to be fine, i was expecting about 35MB to be left on 3 and #2 has been at 54% for a few days. -- not a utorrent issue.


Using utorrent.. uhh 1.4 Build 402, cant remember what i was running when i had this happen before.. 1.1.something i think.

EDIT: Hmm maybe i should've put this into Found Bugs..

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Its not a torrent bug i dont think..

Its just that the power went out during a write maybe, eitherway, its happened with me on 2 torrents, both werea sudden power cut, but every othrher torrent thats been running at the same time just so happen to be never moving(i run one main torrent, and leave any others running which just cant get any speed due to my connection (50KBs/12KBs))

Allthough if Ludde does want the torrent, give me a shout and i'll send it over(i'll have to go searching around on trackers for it again, thats hte only reason i'll do it on request)

The high DPI bugs anoying as anything, but i know its going to be there for awhile, i do programming as well, and i know how much of a pain lables can be :) Just thought i should mention it as i'm sure not many would be using a higher DPI.


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