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Tho Computers And Two Filesharing Programs


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Hi, the problem that I am having only started the other day.

So I have a MAC and a PC my MAC is running Transmission and my PC is running uTorrent, when one program is running my internet is still fast Evan if stuff is downloading at 30 kB/s up and 20 kB/s down, but as soon as I start up the other file sharing program my internet speed is unbearable (it take 35sec to load Google!!!), I have tried this both ways and I have set up a static IP address on my PC and forwarded the port correctly, and like I said, this just happen the other day, I live in Canada and am using Access as my internet provider, and my Router is a Belkin F5D5231-4 and both the computers are from 2008 and the PC dose not have any viruses.

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