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Incomplete download


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Hello everyone, I'm new of this forum, but use Utorrent by long time, and I'm happy with it. By the last big torrents I have do, I see a problem in the incomplete files. I use Utorrent 1.8.3 Beta and it's installed in drive C and the incomplete download go in automatic in Drive E folder incomplete and when them are finish goes in automatic in Drive E folder complete. 5 days ago I delete 1 giga of music from Drive E folder music, after I did a download of 4 gigabyte of 30/40 albums of music by an artist. When my download was about at 40% I said now I try to listen. I open folder incomplete, open folder "artist" and in it there were the other 30/40 folders with the appropriate title of albums; open a folder "album a" and I see the title of the songs,8 were right, other 2 were songs of i deleted, try to listen and listen to the songs who deleted and were those who I deleted from Drive E with little pieces of other song by the artist i was downloading. And that problem was in 7/8 folder of the total torrent. At the moment I don't think to the music who I deleted , I think the torrent is a fake and stop it and deleted it. This morning I have do an other download by 7 giga by an artist and the problem to listen to the incomplete is the same: Old files who I deleted the last days from my hard drive. I ask You: it's a problem of my hard drive ? With little torrents ( 100 mb) the problem there isn't. When I will finished the torrent it ll'be right or ll'be a confusion from songs who deleted and new songs ? Too the name of the files are the same of those who I deleted. Other things the problem is'nt in all folder but for example in 10 folders 3 have the problem. Excuse for my English...I'm italian.And thanks if You'll see my post and if You have an answer I'll be happy. Other things when I delete torrent I do: stop>remove and>delete torrent+data. Thanks

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