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invisible global download speed cap

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I've been using utorrent for a long time without any problem... but in the last months my global download speed seems to be capped at around 30 kb/s.

The port I use is open (I've made an exception for it in my modem's software), I've tried disabling the windows firewall, I've tried many torrents to see if it was a swarm thing, I've also enabled encryption in case it is my isp's fault. Oh, and my upload limit is set to unlimited...

It doesnt matter how many torrents are open, the global download rate is always the same...

I've also uninstalled utorrent and cleared all application data. The first time I did this, the speed went back to the usual hundreds kb/s... but one or two days later I'm still stuck with the same problem and reinstalling do not seem to work anymore. Can you help?

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Bell Canada ADSL ISP is hostile to BitTorrent, they are almost certainly to blame for the 30 KB/sec download speed "ceiling" you're seeing.

Encryption is unlikely to help, unless you can fully encrypt tracker communications too.

Even then, Bell Canada may be throttling/disrupting even unknown encrypted traffic.

This is one reason why they want to be able to read everything you do online.

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Everything you do goes through them.

So what do you mean by "bypass"?

They probably use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) equipment as well as other tools to monitor what you do.

Even with uTorrent's traffic completely encrypted, it's pretty obvious if you have lots of incoming traffic through a single listening port...and all sending typically max packet size.

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