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Add a finishing up button to torrent general properties


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When I double click a torrent to call up its properties sub-window I would like to see an option box added under "seed while", It should only show as an option when "Override default settings" has been checked and should say something like "Finishing up" or maybe "Reject peers with < 80% down". When this box is checked it should prevent the torrent from seeding to peers unless they have already downloaded at least 80% or maybe 70% of the torrent.

Reason: This would help with situations where you are trying hard to build up the number of seeds for a new torrent but new people keep jumping on.

It would also help when torrents have stalled and someone comes along and plays good samaritan. I know that when I do that I find it very frustrating if a bunch of new people jump on. I am not a tracker, I want to make some seeds and leave it to them.

It would also help with torrents that are dieing. That is the sort of situation that prompted me to make this request. I finished downloading a torrent and was at 2.5 but I decided to seed to at least 3/1 so I turned it back on. The upload arrow icon turned red. Seems demonoid deleted the torrent. Not a problem, there are still 5 fellows out there trying to download I will be glad to help them finish up so lets take a look. Ok now I have one at 50% one at 60% one at 80% another at 90% and oh looky over there the last one just started and is at 2% on a dead torrent. This is a 2.9 gig torrent guys. If I was still downloading I would be ok with that but I am just doing some xtra seeding to be nice. I want to help the guys that are close to done themselves then they can seed this new guy all they want. Rude of me maybe but from my point of view I am just trying to put a few more seeds out there before signing off and this new guy is just sucking bandwidth better used elsewhere.

Hmm, maybe this would make more since if it was under "Other Settings" next to "Initial seeding" and was called something like "Prioritize peer completion". Then checking the box would cause seeding to set a high priority to seeding peers with 80% and more of the torrent already downloaded and low priority to peers with 20% and less. That way nobody is left out but for new torrents and dieing torrents preference could be given to turning peers into seeds.

This should be a manual per torrent setting only and not be a general option or it might contribute to dine and dash style behavior.

Thanx, Steve

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