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NAT Error on only System startup


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Hi there folks,

just a discovery over here. I first had this NAT error, read the FAQ and opened ports, restarted the router and Utorrent. After that NAT Ok. Me happy.

The next day it wasn't ok anymore, Utorrent was started on windows start up (system startup I recall you named it). At any case I just thought, what the hell let's start Utorrent again, maybe it hadn't a good connection at start-up. It was true, now NAT works.

So it seems

System start-up won't work for NAT. It might be that it inmediately tries to connect, but that impossible since my wireless driver is loaded after Utorrent.

Don't know or it's just me, but people with NAT error and System start-up should definetly try to restart Utorrent. If it works post over here so the programmer knows this might be the problem.

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