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build 406 , DHT , reconnects & restarts


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i am using build 406

i have found that if my connection (ADSL) gets disconnected, my system reconnects, utorrent restarts dl/ul but never again updates DHT.

i stopped utorrent in the morning when i saw this.

waited till it was no longer in the active tasks and restarted it.

DHT immediatly began to get updated.

i then found that one of my active torrents which had been at 95% complete had a error saying something like "files missing, recheck"

i forced a recheck, and to my disbelieve, it told me it was at 30%. (and i have been dl it for weeks...)

i examined the directories for the torrent (there are verious directories with files) and found that in the directories where it said the file was 0% complete, there were 2 files, 1 *.xxx size 0 and 1 *.xxx.!ut with full size.

i deleted the size 0 files and forced another recheck.

this time i (thank heaven) got my 95% back.

so basicly:

1-DHT updating has a bug when the connection is reconnected.

2-something went very wrong restarting utorrent.

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