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as i will be moving to a ISP with unlimited bandwith only between 1 and 8 am, i was thinking of:

1-between 1 am and 8 am set utorrent for maximum dl bandwith and low ul

2-the rest of the time set ul to unlimited and my dl to 1

will i get good results with this strategy, or will i not get good dl between 1-8 am because im not ul like i should ?

give me a hint guys :)

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No, you probably won't get good results because BitTorrent relies on uploads to give you faster downloads most of the time (tit-for-tat).

Also, you can't do that with µTorrent's scheduler - you can only set times to limited UL/DL speed, turned off totally, or full speed.. Though I guess you could set a global limit for 1am and 8am (and set the scheduler to Full Speed over that time) and then a scheduler limit for the other time? :)

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