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Why memory and cpu usage is so low? :-)


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Hello all,

I just switch from bitcomet to utorrent. First of all, I would like to thanks the software creator, it's a really wonderful software, small, fast and reliable.

I used to use bitcomet, when I run up to 5 or 6 torrents (I got 100mbit connection), the GUI of bitcomet become really slow and my whole system become slow as well.

But when I tried utorrent, even if I run up to 15-20 torrents at the same time, it won't really affect my system.

I also checked the memory usage, I found bitcomet use 10x more memory than utorrent. It really suprise me and I know why the system is so slow.

Even though the start up download time takes longer (since most people use bitcomet, and bitcomet like to trasnfer files to bitcomet client, that's what I heard in this forum, correct me if I am wrong). But once you get on the track, your download speed is actually just like bitcomet and my upload speed is even better.

Hopefully, utorrent won't add too many unnecessary features in the future. Just keep it as the smallest and fastest bt client in the world. I start to promotte utorrent to all my friends, and I hope more and more people will use this little beautiful clients in the near future.

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