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REQ: Multiple Site Search at Once


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Allow for all of your search engines to be queried at the same time when you use the search box. I use tab browsing and sometimes one search engine won't have what I want but another will.

If you open them all up at the same time it will make it simpler than having to go back and forth to switch the search engines.

If this has already been asked for or is already implemented, I apologize. I could find no information about what I wanted to do.


What I would really want though is an embedded non-browser related search engine that essentially takes the form data from the query and imports it into the columns area. I asked about this for azureus but was told it wasn't possible. So I don't know if it could be done here.


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I don't understand that reason...

If i perform a search, a browser window pops up with the results for the selected engine.

The request is for an option "Use all search engines" and if this is selected, several browser windows should open up.

This has nothing to do with how the sites return the results. Like Malfeus said, uTorrent could automatically make a search, select the next again etc. etc. without the user having to do it all by hand.

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so...is there a way to do this...

as far as the ability to do so, it shouldn't be that hard, i don't think

it would just have to be an option you could select to "search all"

then utorrent would basically input your search term into each engine that you have listed...as long as the search engine is entered correctly in your list, there should be no problems...

except, as far as I can tell, and have searched the forums for, I can't find that there is an option for that

even if it was a keymapped method, i.e- ctrl+enter after you place the search term

seeing as there are a number of entries that I have made into utorrents search box, it would be nice to be able to do one search instead of changing it 25 different times, otherwise, why wouldn't i just start searching from my browser...just a suggestion

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