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Option to share downloadlists


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I would love to see an option in utorrent which allows me to share my downloadlist with others.

This option is only enabled if you choose to "share downloadlists" in the preferences menu. If enabled

utorrents shares a list of the files i'm downloading with all the other utorrent users who enabled this function as well.

Let's say i'm downloading 3 files at once and i'm connected with 25 other utorrent users while we download te same file.

Because 12 other users have enabled the "share downloadlist" function as well, I can see all the files available by these 12 users.

Because of common interests there is a big change they're sharing things I like as well. So imagine: U start a download from a tracker and connected to 257 peers. 110 peers are utorrent users who are sharing their downloadlist. Within a few moments, your list and their lists are exchanged and you have a list of about 450 torrents to choose from as well!!!



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