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can one change the download location of a torrent 1/2way thru?


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evening boys and girls,

I'm in the middle of downloading a torrent, my hard drive is getting full but still have half the torrent to complete. Is there/ How would I go about changing the download location over to my other drive for the remainder of the torrent? while still being able to seed the files already downloaded on the original drive?

Is this possible or do I have to stop and restart the torrent and only select the remainging files to d/l to the new location? If I do this I won't be able to carry on sharing the files ive already downloaded?

Also how do I find out the % average peer progress? like ABC used to show in the details, used to feel safer knowing that number, dont ask me why.

Many thanks.

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You cannot move only part of the files, you have to move all or nothing. Any files you don't move over can't be used.

You can stop the torrent, move the incomplete files, skip all the complete files, point µT to the new location with "Set download location", but you can't seed the already complete files on the other drive.

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