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Blue Screen Of Death!


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I am starting to get a serious problem with the latest version of U-Torrent (1.4) and wondered if others have had a similar experience.

I upgraded to U Torrent last month and at the time 1.3 was out.I liked it but was told that is was unstable.This it was and regularly crashed my pc perhaps once a day.However,less than 10 days later version 1.4 came out and I upgraded.No more crashes I read in forums,much better client......

Well I am afraid to say I still get that dreaded blue screen of death periodically while using 1.4 and frankly its driving me mad.Everytime I get it I have to reboot or the client wont work...thats ok if I am around but when my pc is on 24/7 and im not always here thats no good at all if i am dloading/upping files.

This appears on my screen when it crashes:

'A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:FF0FDFEB in VXD KMIXER(01) + 000090B

The current application will be terminated'

What can I do to sort this? I have done the usual,spyware scan,virus scan,etc nothing doing.I tried running my pc for an agonizing 10 hours without U Torrent on and it did not crash so I cant think why its doing it.I dont want to change client unless I really have to.

I use Win 98SE,ZA Pro and am on ADSL

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