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Implement Windows 7 jumplists into uTorrent on Superbar


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Hi all, this is my first post ever on this forum. I love this program and have used it since 1.2. Anyways I'm thinking uTorrent could get jumplists on the Windows 7 superbar similar to the behavior of IE8 and Windows Live. If some people choose to not load it in the superbar or wish to have it as a taskbar icon, is it possible to implement a mini menu similar to the list of wireless networks with one click.

Idea 1:


Idea 2:


For idea 2, I was thinking progress bars instead of signal bars perhaps or a percentage bar?

Comments welcome...

edit: Where are all the users at? This is a very interesting concept that would make uTorrent a much better app than it already is. We need to move past the legacy taskbar and up to the Windows 6.1 ages.

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