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Sorry, I know its not really the done thing to make your first post asking for help, but im stumped.

After reading guides, atempting to read though the search results that most often had nothing to do with my issue im left posting here.

So here goes... I having issues running utorrent (1.8.2) and WebUI (0.361)

The main issue is that when trying to connect to utorrent from outside the network the page times out, When I use the wireless (though my router) on my laptop, psp, iphone, se960i or my my pc (xp firefox3) though ethernet it works fine.

But when connecting though wireless phone networks on the same devices it hangs and fails to conenct.

I have a static IP, Ive been trying with both my local ip and "internet" ip as guides have sugested, alas nothing, its also not miss spelling the /gui/ bit.

Everything points to my port forwarding on the router right? well when using the utorrent test it comes up fine.

The firewall is totaly off on the router (THOMSON TG585v7) and in XP, So I dont understand, im pulling my hair out, ugh.

(I dont expect anyone to fix the issue for me, but ive looked and about to give up, so thought id vent)


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From http://utorrent.com/documentation/webui :

N.B: When using the WebUI locally use localhost or as using your external (WAN) IP may cause problems when behind a router.

That means, there are routers out which make problems to reach your external (public) IP from inside your LAN (over that router).

Ask a friend of you to reach your webui from outside or test it yourselves from outside (school, internet cafe, college, ...)

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