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set options on a per label basis


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i download from quite a few ratio'd sites. so i use labels VERY frequently (with the "appent the torrent's lable to the directory name" option).

so i think it would be very valuable to be able to set things like total bandwidth per label, or share ratio limits per label, etc.

it would greatly improve my already excellent experience with utorrent.

thanks for the great work already, every update adds/fixes something and i love that :)

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I'd also love to see this feature implemented. It would be useful for trackers with the same ratio, too. Say, if you have two trackers with 1:1 ratio, but 50 torrents from one and only 5 from the other, you may want to assign half of your bandwidth to each of those trackers.

I added the request to the wishlist and also would like to highlight the difference of this feature to that one, where properties are assigned by label, but to each torrent separately, whereas with this feature, bandwidth limits are assigned directly to the label and torrents with the same label can up/download at different rates.

Hope I didn't get too complicated (esp with my bad English..) and thanks for reading :)

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in addition to this, prioritized labels would be interesting. so if you, say, have label1, label2 and label3 each with 20k upload limit and priority is first label1, than 2, than 3, if label1 is too slow to reach 20k it gives the remaining speed to label2, if 2 also is too slow, it gives to 3. or something that way, just an idea, maybe it's a bit too complicated to code this just for use with different trackers, but who knows :)

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i posted this to queue type request, and it was ruled as similar to this, so:


I voted "yes", and I would like describe how I see this function:

I would like to define few queues with some parameters:


downloads per queue = 1

download speed per queue = 30 KB

upload speed per queue = 20 KB


downloads per queue = 2

download speed per queue = 100 KB

upload speed per queue = 50 KB

so in this case if download from queue1 finishes, next one from the same queue will start, not the next torrent in line.

this way you can define queue per tracker, to follow dowonload/upload rules and so on


only one problem with implementing it within label system, that if you have same type (or "label") from different trackers and you use option to move to folder by label name, they will different directories (if request for defining target directores for every label is not implemented

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I'd use this heaps, if it were available!

Most of my torrents these days are from one particular ratio site, so I get away with setting my default settings to suit that site, then changing them on a per-torrent basis for any others I download. But if this feature existed, it'd make things HEAPS more flexible!

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