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Changes to Seeding Priority settings not taking effect


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I originally had my Seeding Priority settings configured so that the upload speed for each Torrent would be limited to 5 kB/s when its seeding goal was reached. I have a completed Torrent that is beyond its seeding goal, and I wanted to seed it at a faster speed, so I removed this setting (ie. I un-checked the "Limit the upload rate to..." checkbox).

However, this change did not take affect, even after I stopped and re-started the Torrent in question. I even tried closing and re-opening uTorrent, and re-enabling the "Limit the upload rate to..." setting with a larger rate (eg. 20 kB/s), but the upload rate of the Torrent still appears to be limited to 5 kB/s.

I know this problem is being caused by uTorrent because (a) I've been getting an average 20+ kB/s upload rate for this Torrent, for the same number of connected Peers as I have now (20+); (B) I have a 1.5MB/256kB ADSL Internet connection; and © I'm not experiencing any slow speeds elsewhere (ie. with other Torrents or email or web browsing).

I am using uTorrent v1.4.402 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition w/SP1.

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