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Problem with auto ip banning!! :OO


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For some reason uTorrent's autoban is not working well. After the 6th hashfail (overall) starts banning every ip which sends you bad data or some other problem causes hashfail (in my case fucking ISP), even if it was the FIRST hashfail from that IP!

It should be 1ip/5hashfails. Right?

It could be that others already reported this bug, but i couldn't found it, so i thought it is easier just to report it.

I hope it was helpful a littlebit.


UPDATE: i'm on a private tracer and pretty sure that the hashfails were not caused by mean clients :)

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Sorry for moving slightly offtopic, but..

Damn.. thats explains my ridiculous large list of banned clients for considerably less hash fails.

Looks like Azureus is being a major pain in the ass at the moment and is causing everyone else to get banned as well.

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